My top ten favorite variant covers from 2021 part 1

I should preface this by saving these are the favorite covers and variants from 2021 that I own. If I don’t have it then it’s not here.

Iron Man #12 Rahzzah Variant Miles 10th year anniversary (Sept 2021)

This should be an easy one.It’s beautiful, I never would have guessed the price would jump,but I have a pretty good eye sometimes.

Avengers #44 Momoko Variant vol. 8 ( April 2021)

Momoko is one of my favorite artist, and I think most of her covers are gorgeous.

Black Panther #1 Marvel Games Variant vol. 8 (Nov 2021)

I just really like this no there’s no particular reason I just think it’s cool.

Batman: The World (given at Batman Day 2021)

Batman Day and FCBD are some of my favorite days for comics.I just like it.

Future State:Immortal Wonder Woman #1

Yes this is another Momoko, I did say I was a fan of her art didn’t I.

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