Starting a comic book collection on a budget for beginners Part 4 :Take advantage of publishers giving away free comics

Free Comic Book Day(FCBD)

[Click above will take you to the official FCBD site so you can find shops in your area that will hosting it ,and will show you the comics that are being released this year.]

You may not be aware, but once a year comic book publishers come together and give out free comics away to bring in new readers. There are somewhere between twenty to forty different titles that are distributed between local comic shops(LCS). FCBD day put their comics in different tiers of Gold and Silver.

Types of comics they often give are:

  • One-offs
  • Tie-ins
  • Popular Webtoons
  • Things based on popular TV shows
  • Anime based comics
  • Comics based on popular media
  • Reprints of popular comics

Suggestions for make the most of the day

Go to the website and get an idea of which comics are coming out that you are interested in. Get to your local shop early, maybe thirty minutes early. There will be people there waiting, early.


Because many shops only allow you to get a certain amount of titles. And when they run out. That’s it. So not only would I suggest going to your main shop early I would suggest that you go to a second shop.

Why would they do that?

The publishers like to distribute comics over multiple shops To ensure you often won’t get everything from one shop. To combat this, I would suggest going to two shops. It makes sure you get some of the titles you want and stops you from being a scalper. Two very important things.

What to do at the shops?

First, you want to get the comics that you didn’t get at your first shop. Secondly, get a second copy of the ones you are interested in reading.

What will you do with two copies?

If you have two copies that means you can read one, and the second will be kept in pristine new mint (NM) condition.

Can a FCBD comic be valuable?


One Punch Man FCBD 2016

This is my most valuable FCBD comic. It’s selling on eBay for a low of $16 to $60. To be honest, I still don’t know why.

Batman Day

Yes, every third Saturday of September is Batman Day. A “global” holiday dedicated to the Caped Crusader. DC releases one or two free titles for Batman fans.

You may not love Batman, but you have to understand that free comics are free comics even if you don’t love the titles.

Are they valuable?

They tend to be at the same price as lower-end FCBD comics. But that is still quite valuable because they were free.

Are they worth anything?

Immediatly after each comicbook day

If you click the link about it will take you to

Take advange of free comic book day and batman day.

So every year comicbook publishers have one day in which they give out free comic book to their patrons. There are normally more than twenty to forty different comics that distributed between different comic book shops. Most shops will all have similar comic books,but I would always suggest to go to at least two shops.Because there will always be at least a couple of comics that shops wont share.

Some of these comics will be a free reprint

My top ten favorite variant covers from 2021 part 1

I should preface this by saving these are the favorite covers and variants from 2021 that I own. If I don’t have it then it’s not here.

Iron Man #12 Rahzzah Variant Miles 10th year anniversary (Sept 2021)

This should be an easy one.It’s beautiful, I never would have guessed the price would jump,but I have a pretty good eye sometimes.

Avengers #44 Momoko Variant vol. 8 ( April 2021)

Momoko is one of my favorite artist, and I think most of her covers are gorgeous.

Black Panther #1 Marvel Games Variant vol. 8 (Nov 2021)

I just really like this no there’s no particular reason I just think it’s cool.

Batman: The World (given at Batman Day 2021)

Batman Day and FCBD are some of my favorite days for comics.I just like it.

Future State:Immortal Wonder Woman #1

Yes this is another Momoko, I did say I was a fan of her art didn’t I.

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