My favorite video game series: Fire Emblem(post awakening)

My main answer will sound like the girliest answer I can ever give, and I’m ok with that.

Romaance and friendship.

Yes, many RPGs have friendships as part of the storylines, but in most games, the closeness of the stories is prewritten. In this series, your gameplay dictates the relationship of your characters. If you play characters side-by-side their friendship grows. You view their budding friendships through conversations. In those conversations, you learn a little more about each character. Every conversation is unique.

The higher the friendship the more benefits you have in battle. A character with an A-level friendship may have an enemy act completely repelled by a close friend. Even if you don’t care about the relationship aspect this gives you a reason to make sure everyone is close to everyone.

Romance in the games is often regulated to otome, visual novels, and farming simulators. It’s rare to find action-based games with romance and marriage aspects to them.

Strategic RPGs and permadeath

This series made me realize that although I love open-world games, there is something about a board that appeals to me. Moving my units around in the most strategic way to outmaneuver my enemy is a rush. All with the knowledge that if a character dies, they’re gone forever. Yes, I restart consistently, because I don’t lose characters.

We all beat the game together, or no one does.

Greenflags in relationships part 7

People who respect your boundaries.

This post will be specifically about the sexual boundaries a person has. When dating people often encounter issues about people’s boundaries with sex.

Some people don’t want to have sex until marriage, some want to wait 90 days, others have a set amount of dates, and others don’t have a set time at all it’s when they feel it’s the “right time”.

The green flag of this is simply respecting a person’s boundary when it comes to their body. You don’t get to say how someone should use their body. A person who respects another’s boundaries is going to do one of two things. 1.) Accept it and continue dating them or 2.) break up with them.

Yes, break up.BECAUSE.

They respect the person too much to ask them to compromise themselves and their boundaries for them. They wouldn’t want someone to have sex with them because a.) they felt pressured into it or b) they want sexuality to be a big part of their relationship and they don’t want to have someone who isn’t ready for that.

But let’s break down the red flag. Isn’t breaking up too extreme?

Not at all. Breaking up is what mature people do when they hit value roadblocks. Some things we can compromise on to form well-balanced relationships. Sometimes we have to draw our line in the sand. I would say your boundaries and values are something you shouldn’t compromise or feel the need to compromise for a relationship. And anyone worth having wouldn’t ask you to.

I have honest questions that you have to ask yourself if you disagree.

Do you think you have the right to try to redefine what a person has decided to do with their body?

Are you ok with your partner feeling like you forced them into having sex before they were ready?

Would you be ok with knowing your partner only had sex with you because they feared they lose you?

Do you think that just because you are dating someone that you are entitled to sex?

Does your monetary contribution to dates entitle you to the other person’s body? Is dating just a transaction of food to sex to you?

Do you think because a person has had sex or a child they don’t have the right to say when they will have sex again?

Many of those questions are based on conversations I’ve had with people and conversations I’ve heard people have. I also need to say that many people aren’t trying to use sex as a weapon, but they want to give themselves to the right person. Especially if they’ve had a rocky dating history. Men love to say for women need to choose better, and for many setting healthy boundaries is a part of seeing if the person’s the right person for them.

My resolve (resolution) table part 3

I am now deciding to call it a resolve table now.

So you’re probably wondering how I did for February… … I don’t feel like I failed. Though I certainly did not do as well as I did in January. But February is my month, so I installed social media back in and would have relaxed if life hadn’t consistently been slapping me in the face.

Things have changed a little, so I decided to redo my table for the needs that I currently have. I’m working on ways to work the things in my table into each other. For example, I want to work on my photography, and I need to water my tree and drink more water.

So I’ve made the decision, that when I water my tree I have to drink double of what he does. Yes, my tree is a he. And once a week when I water him. I’m going to take pictures so I can document his growth.

As far as writing my book goes, that’s been going great, I managed to get 5,000 words last month. As far as blogging you would think, that I hadn’t written anything by my post. Until you look into my drafts, I just couldn’t figure out what direction to go. My thoughts, blackness, anime, comics, relationship tips?

Even I’m not sure and I’ve seriously struggled with my serious post. So what I’m going to do right now is make fun posts, about things I love.

Reaching for the Stars, part 1: Deciding that you are going to do that thing regardless

Do you want to become a world-famous artist? A New York Times Best Selling Author? The owner of a 5-star Michelin restaurant? A fashion designer who is featured in Paris fashion week? A world-class pianist?

You must understand that what you are reaching for is something that only a small percentage of the population will ever achieve. That there are twenty people thinking about doing what you want to do right now. And that people will consistently tell you that what you want is unrealistic.


You have to decide to do it anyway. You have to leave people’s disparaging comments behind you. And you have to stop comparing yourself to other people. You have to decide that the only person that you can ever truly compete with, is you from yesterday.

That’s it.

That’s how you start, you hold on to that dream. You hold on like it’s the most important thing in the world.

My resolution table part 2

So as I said in my first post, what I am doing is a three-column table of things I need to do to make my life better. The titles of each column are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. January is almost over.

How am I doing?

Considering I am trying to build habits not horribly.

To be fair I am most consistent with taking care of my tree and writing. I’ve actually surprised myself with how consistent I’ve been with writing my book. Even though I’ve found it hard, I’ve just been pushing through my writing block. The blog is getting more than one post a week, and my tree’s soil is moist.

Where I’m dragging my feet?

With everything phone and personal time-related, I’ve been rather bad. I just realized that I have to delete TikTok, one of my favorite apps. I don’t want to make excuses. But I can’t have apps that consistently need me to interact to use them, but don’t add anything to where I’m trying to go with my life. Don’t get me wrong I still have games on my switch and phone games.

But I’m good at managing time with those. Social media, well it’s mind-numbing. I can easily lose hours, on it when I can be doing things I enjoy more.

For January, I give myself a B-.

Mainly because I would have conquered all of my monthly things if I hadn’t gotten sick, so I’m being lenient on myself. I won’t be so much next month though.

Am I making new years resolutions???

I know myself if I say that I am doing something as a new years resolution. I’ll just forget about it. A list with no plan doesn’t work for me.

What I’m doing is making a list of all the things that I want to do. Things for my personal life, things for my personal life, and things I want to do for fun.

Now after I’ve written all the things I want to do. I am making a realistic plan for doing these things. You cannot really say that when you never go to a gym that saying that suddenly going to start going three times a day. People do it but let’s be honest. If you want to make a pattern, it’s much better to start small and build up. So that’s what I’m doing is making a realistic timeline for me to do things. I’m not trying to rush it or stress it to be fair.

I’m not even limiting it to the end of the year. What I’m trying to do, is make plans that I can be consistent with keeping. I am making a table with three columns. Things I will do every week, every other week, and every month.

Every weekEvery other weekEvery Month
Read one chapter of a fantasy book.Face mask.Do an outside based activity.
Two lessons of Duolingo.Make a blog post about comics or film.Try out a new recipe.
Make a blog post.Have one chapter written and revised.
A little bit of my list

Here’s a taste of what I’m going working on doing. I’ll keep you updated in a month to see if it actually worked for me.

Part 2

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