New Black tropes

As the title states, a lot of the old media tropes for Black people are tired, and should be retired. So I’m creating new to tropes that would give any audience a broader well balance view on Blackness. Tropes based on characteristicsc we often never

of old tropes, no ,but a list of new tropes I’m creating to give any audience a broader sense of how Black people are. These tropes are based on what I’ve seen in real life, but for some reasaon they don’t ever make it to the medium of film or literature.And I want to change that. I am slowly but surely adding more as time goes on.

Black Interracial characters

Black People who are into science fiction

The Soft Black Girl

The confident short black guy who isn’t funny

Tall dark skin guy who is introverted, shy, and quiet

Black interethnic couples

Well loved marshmallow dark skinned female characters

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