Top 5 comics I’m excited about possibly getting this year [August 2022]

These aren’t series I’m interested in but facsimile,one-shots,and comics I’m just interested in getting.

Godzilla:Best of Mothra #0

I love everything Godzilla based!!!

I love Mothra. The end.

Death of Superman 30th Anniversary Special #1 [pollybagged]

I do have the original one,but I want this one . It comes with a poster and arm band. And although I’ll never open it I still want it,because I like gimmicks.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #100 , foil variant

I want every holographic Power Ranger comi,all of them.No I’m not currently reading the comics either.There are too many. But one day I will buy the omnibus.

The Tomb of Dracula #1 facsimile

Dracula is my favorite flavor.

Vampires. Dracula within Marvel, please and thank you.

What’s the Furthest Place from Here Deluxe Edition #6 (honestly any deluxe edition of this comic)

I waant it.

I don’t want any random comic from this series only the deluxe versions.


Because it comes with a soundtrack vinyl attached. And I will always be the comic queen of gimmicks. Comes with 3d-glases I’ll buy it. Comes with cards and is pollybagged.I’ll buy it.Foil regular varinat ,get in my cart. Doesn’t So when I saw this comic, I had totry to get it.It’s so rare that most shops might get one max.So if I’m lucky I could possibly get it.

But it’s a lower than 25% chance.

A Black Woman’s Daily Affirmation- You may not be where you thought you’d be,but don’t give up you’re doing great.

A Black Woman’s Daily Affirmations: Day One-

You had a plan. You knew exactly where you would be by this time in your life. You had your whole life mapped out. You knew where you would be at every pivotal milestone. 21,30,35,40.


Life happened, and for better or for worse, all those intricate plans that you had have gone awry. And you’re hurt because you knew where you were supposed to be at this point in your life.

But I have a question for you.

Who told you, you had to have some gigantic life plan to do well? Who told you that you have to complete some specific list in your twenties or you’ve failed? I need you to know that for the vast majority of us. Our lives look nothing like we thought they would. And we still have beautiful lives. There isn’t one age that you must complete anything to live well.

Who told you that you weren’t doing a great job?

I need you to know that as long as you’re moving forward to have the best life, that’s where you should be in life. Maybe you haven’t done all the big things you had planned, but that’s ok. As long as you are moving forward.

Now understand moving forward looks different for each person. You have to understand that living and growth is a process that looks different on everyone.

Maybe if you have dreams of writing a book you blog once a day. Or if you have aspirations of going back to school, just start by studying up on one of the classes you have to take for that major. Maybe you have a simple dream of traveling beyond your country. Even saving $25 a month is a start. Nothing is too small as long as you are moving forward. There is nothing wrong with where you are. Everyone needs a starting point. The most important thing is to consistently move every day toward your goal. Whether that is just one footstep or a mile a day doesn’t matter.

You’re not at the wrong point in your life. Don’t give up on yourself. Don’t let setbacks or hard times make you think you can’t achieve your goals. Keep moving forward. You are at the exact moment that you need to be. I know your story is going to be amazing! So don’t give up on it just because a few chapters aren’t what you would like.

Top five suggestions for new comic books collectors

The big two aren’t the only publishers who make quality comics.

There are a lot of great stories to read that are produced by publishers other than Marvel and DC comics. It is the age of the indy artist. And when you choose to limit yourself to those two you are going to be missing out on beautifully done stories and new ideas that the big two are too scared to try.

A pull list is “the” way to go. 

You must understand that most stores only get so many of each comic cover. So if you want a specific one, there’s a chance that you won’t get it by just going to a comic book shop. Especially if it’s a key issue or a popular variant. Pull lists get priority. They aren’t saving a certain amount for the public. You should also be aware some people wait out on release days for the stores to open. So you’re getting what’s left.

Storytime: When White by Blackmask came out the quantities of the comic were so limited that the pull list had to be rotated so that each of us could occasionally get the 1st print of the comic. This meant that if you were looking for the 1st print of that comic in store, you wouldn’t get it.

Look up any comic price before buying because of these three things:

  1. Age alone doesn’t equal high value or rarity. Old≠valuable.
  2. Some comic book stores overcharge to the point that their sales are just average price at other stores.
  3. If you’re buying comic books from a reseller. There’s a good chance that many books are under and over prices depending on the employee’s comic book knowledge.

If you can buy a comic for under $1, do it.

The market is only going up over time. I remember early in my collecting days I would commonly find comics for $.15. The market has changed a lot since the 2000s. If you look online, even Free Comic Book Day Comics start at $1, so you can’t go wrong with buying cheap. As long it’s something you’re actually interested in.

You can help build your comic book collection for free by participating in Free Comic Book Day and Batman day.

The comics are free and many stores have some of their biggest sales on those days. So every year you can get a free stack of comics. Not to mention that certain ones do go up in value. My most expensive FCBD comic is selling online for about $80. Besides value, these comics will often highlight popular comics, cartoons, and/or manga from the year. As well as give you a little peak into what comics or books will be coming out later that year.

A Black Woman’s Daily Affirmations: Day One- You’re Beautiful

Yeah, I said it, and I’ll say it again.

You are beautiful.

 I hear what you saying. I don’t know you. But why does that matter? It doesn’t change the facts of the statement I said. And I don’t care how many people have felt the need to tell you how you weren’t beautiful. They were wrong. And they’ll always be wrong, and I need you to know that. 

They are wrong.

Society has never been kind to us. It never has been, and probably won’t ever be. So here’s something you should know: 

  • You’re not too dark to beautiful.
  • You’re not beautiful for a Black girl. You’re gorgeous period. No caveat is needed.
  • Your 4C hair is just as beautiful as 3C , and 1A hair regardless of how society has conditioned us.
  • Your lips aren’t too big, nor are they too small.
  • Your hips aren’t too wide or too narrow.
  • Your butt isn’t too big or too small.
  • You are not too small to be a beautiful black woman ,nor are you too big.Beauty is in every size.
  • You’re stunning even if your hair never grows longer than an inch.
  • You don’t have to have long hair to be a beautiful woman.
  • Your skin color is not an indicator of your beauty or your worth.

So when you ever think of yourself as less than beautiful. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. Do it every day consistently if you need to.Take pictures marvel at them.

Do it until it sticks and you realize how beautiful you are.

Black Comic book Key issues vs 1.4

1st appearance of Aneka, Black Panther #8, 2009

1st appearance of Ayo, Ultimates #1, 2015

1st appearance of Batwing(David Zavimbe), Batman Icorporat4d #5,2011

1st appearance of Batwing(Luke Fox),Batwing #19, 2013

1st appearance of (Lucas) Bishop, Uncanny X-Men #283, 1991

1st appearance of Blade(Eric Brooks), Tomb of Dracula #10 1973

2nd appearance of Blade, Tomb of Dracula #12, 1973

1st solo title of Blade, Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1 ,1994

1st appearance of Black Lightning(Jefferson Pierce) , Black Lightning #1, 1977

1st appearance of Black Panther(T’Challa), Fantastic Four #52 ,1966

2nd appearance of Black Panther, Fantastic Four #53 ,1966

1st appearance of Blood Syndicate(team), Blood Syndicate #1, 1993

1st appearance of Blue Marvel (Adam Brashear), Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 2009

1st appearance of Bumblebee(Karen Beecher), Teen Titans #45 1976

1st of appearance of Captain Marvel(monica rambeaut), Amazing SPider Man annual #16

1st appearance of The Crew(original group), The Crew #1,2003

1st appearance of The Crew(group), Black Panther #6 2016

1st appearance of Cyborg(Victor Stone), DC Comics Presents #26 1980

1st appearance of DMZ, Blood Syndicate #1 1993

1st appearance of the Dora Milaje(team), Black Panther #1 1998

1st appearance of Duke Thomas(Signal),Batman #21,2013

1st appearance of Elijah “Eli” Bradley (Patriot) Young Avengers #1

1st appearance of the Falcon, Captain America #117

1st appearance of Holocaust, Blood Syndicate #1 1993

1st appearance of Icon(Augustus Freeman I/II/III & IV), Icon #1 1993

1st appearance of of Isiah Bradley , Truth Red,White,and Black #1 2003

1st appearance of John Stewart, Green Latern #87 1971

1st appearance of Luke Cage(Power Man),Luke Cage, Hero for Hire #1 1972

1st appearance of Malcolm “Mal” Duncan(Guardian) Teen Titans #26 1970

1st appearance of Miles Morales ( Ultimate Spider-Man), Ultimate Fallout #4 2011

1st solo title and 2nd appearance of Miles Morales, Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #1 2011

1st appearance of Misty Knight, Marvel Premiere #21,1975

1st appearance of Moon Girl (Lunella Lafayette), Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, 2016

1st appearance of Nakia, Black Panther #1 1998

1st appearance of Naomi, Naomi #1 2019

1st appearance of Nubia, Wonder Woman #204

1st appearance of Okoye,Black Panther #1 1998

1st appearance of Riri Williams(Iron Heart) Invicible Iron Man #7 2016

1st appearance of Rocket(Raquel Ervin), Icon #1 1993

1st appearance of Shuri, Black Panther #2 2009

1st appearance of Spawn, Spawn #1 1992

1st appearance of Spider-Punk (Hobart “Hobbie” Brown),Amazing Spider Man#10 2015

1st solo title of Spider-Punk, Spider-Punk #1 2022

1st appearance of Static, Static #1 1993

1st appearance of Steel(John Henry),Adventures of Superman #500, 1993

1st appearance of Storm(Ororo Monroe), Giant Size X-Men #1 1975

1st appearance of Superman (Calvin Ellis) Final Crisis #7 2009

1st appearance of War Machine(James “Rhodey” Rhodes), Iron Man #118 1979

1st appearance of Zuri, Black Panther #1 1998

(I am slowly but surely making this as long as possible starting with a lot of the books I own . In time there will be a lot more.)

My favorite video game endings (no spoilers)


This is probably the most meta ending of any video game I have ever played. The game was a basic RPG, but the ending has always stuck with me. I’ve never played a game that made me feel like a bad person at the end. The developers didn’t have to do the MC like that.

The worse part is they use you to do it, jerks.

Ghost Trick

Once you beat the game, you will feel lied to. It hasn’t lied to you. It’s done from the point of view of an unreliable narrator(s). So you and the character are making the wrong assumptions. It doesn’t matter how good you are at putting things together. This ending is unguessable.

I am replaying the game to see if there are any clues, and there are. But they are subtle, but they are definitely there. Hiding and laughing at you because they know you won’t think about them.

Fire Emblem : Awakening

I can say that both Ghost Trick and Fire Emblem have almost exactly the same ending and villain twist. Which is why I like them both. 


They are like 50% the same ending, with stories that couldn’t be any more different. If you play them, you’ll understand the similarities. I think this game actually feels like you could deduce the ending, unlikely but maybe.

But you probably won’t figure it out either. And that’s what makes the game fun. Because the game literally gives you the answer, but you’ll ignore it.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

It’s the only game I feel like the villains may weren’t wrong for trying to stop you. Sure they were evil, but at the end of the day, they never lied to you. 

Things you shouldn’t expect someone to change for you: The way they dress (for the men)

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, is there a way in which you think people in relationships should dress?

Do you think a woman who is married or dating should dress differently from someone who isn’t? I’m not saying whether one mindset better or not. I’m asking you to be honest with yourself.

Is there a way you wouldn’t want the woman you’re with to dress? Next, I’m asking you to be mindful of this when looking for potential partners.

Next question.

Are you going after women that are dressed the way you want a woman “in a relationship” to be dressed? Or are you going after women who are dressed like you believe “single women” should dress?

And then wanting them to change once they get with you.

The problem.

The biggest problem is unspoken expectations. Yes, to you it makes sense that a woman in a relationship shouldn’t dress a certain way. But the problem is simple. You can never expect someone else to think your normal is normal just because you think it is.

Many people assume that the way most women dress is to get or to attract men. This may be true for some women. But here’s the biggest issue. How do you tell a woman who is wearing a short dress for attention from a woman who loves short dresses, just because?

You can’t.

There are many women out there, who never consider men’s opinions when they get dressed. To be fair, for most women, a woman thinking you have on a cute outfit is worth 20 men telling you you look cute. We just value each other’s opinions a little higher.

What to do then? Easy.

If you want someone who dresses more modestly, find a person who dresses modestly. If you want less modesty and more short clothing. Look for that. You should never get in a relationship expecting someone to change something about themselves to fit you.

Especially with style, because many people attach the way they dress to who they are. People use fashion to express their culture and hobbies, and sometimes to point out particular parts that they like about themselves. Why argue with someone about clothes when you can just get what you want from the start?

And if your argument is that you can’t find anyone who dresses as you want. If you’re saying you KNOW for a fact why women dress a certain way. Maybe you should think about why you have such strong feelings about women’s clothing. Are you really worried about the way she dresses? Or are you truly worried about other men seeing her? Is it just insecurity? The biggest thing you really have to do is ask yourself why your feelings are the way they are.

And why you don’t want someone to come as they are to a relationship.

My favorite video game series: Fire Emblem(post awakening)

My main answer will sound like the girliest answer I can ever give, and I’m ok with that.

Romaance and friendship.

Yes, many RPGs have friendships as part of the storylines, but in most games, the closeness of the stories is prewritten. In this series, your gameplay dictates the relationship of your characters. If you play characters side-by-side their friendship grows. You view their budding friendships through conversations. In those conversations, you learn a little more about each character. Every conversation is unique.

The higher the friendship the more benefits you have in battle. A character with an A-level friendship may have an enemy act completely repelled by a close friend. Even if you don’t care about the relationship aspect this gives you a reason to make sure everyone is close to everyone.

Romance in the games is often regulated to otome, visual novels, and farming simulators. It’s rare to find action-based games with romance and marriage aspects to them.

Strategic RPGs and permadeath

This series made me realize that although I love open-world games, there is something about a board that appeals to me. Moving my units around in the most strategic way to outmaneuver my enemy is a rush. All with the knowledge that if a character dies, they’re gone forever. Yes, I restart consistently, because I don’t lose characters.

We all beat the game together, or no one does.

My top 10 comic covers of 2022

In no particular order. These are my favorite comics that I’ve bought this year.

Miles Morales:Spider-Man and Moon Girl #1 Momoko Variant

Momoko is one of my favorite artist and I think this cover is so cute.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #127

I can’t really say why, but there was something about this cover that just vibed with me.

Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin #1 Foil Variant

Power Ranger foil cover one of three coming out this year.

Amazing Spider-Man #93 Gleason Variant

One of the few Gleason Spider-Man covers I was able to get.

Reckoning War: Trial of the Watcher Momoko Variant

Definitely one of my favorite covers that she’s put out this year.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 2022 Besch variant

Miles Morales: Spider-Man # 38 Bartel

FCBD: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This was probably my favorite cover from Free Comic Book Day.

Miles Morales:Spider-Man #37 Ngu Variant

I just think it looks cool, personally.

Nubia: Coronation Special #1 1:25 Crystal Kung Variant

I got this as a gift at free comic book day it’s probably the only ratio variant I’ll get this year.

Three things to be realistic about when you start a comic book collection

You may never be able to afford old-school first appearances of silver and gold age characters.

I’m not trying to count your pockets. You could be rich. But for regular investors like me who don’t have hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend on comics. Most key issues with characters we love are expensive. Unless you are a very niche comic book fan. Anyone that’s a well-known and loved character could cost you hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

This is why I advocate buying new keys or recently released ones. You can’t lose when buying comics for $4.

Don’t expect your keys to go up in price immediately. Give five years to a decade, if not longer.

It can take a few years, if not longer, for a comic to appreciate in value. Don’t be a scalper, hold out, that’s how you win. If I am being honest, most of the key issues that I have that are worth money. I bought from people who sold too early. I paid under $50 for the first appearance of Miles Morales. Now it did take probably five years, but the price went up quickly. After a movie and video games, this comic is easily worth more than $500, on the low end.

Understand, you cannot expect an increase like that on every comic. But it’s not odd for you to pay the original $4 and in just a couple of years for it to go up to $30. Sometimes in less than six months. And if it is popular like Miles or Gwen , and is featured in a movie, the price will be on a slow uptick. The trick is, that it’s hard to say what will and won’t be popular.

Some comics will never be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.

I have a lot of comics, though the majority of my comics and modern and bronze age. I still have a few silver and gold age ones, but most will never be worth much. About 60% of my collection regardless of how old they get, will never be the hundred to thousands that my key issues are. It’s true for most collectors and collections.

The comics I bought when I first started my collection are valuable to me. Even if the market never agrees. Many collections are like this. Not every issue is going to be a key .

 Not every issue will add significant value to your collection. Especially if you enjoy reading your comics. Sometimes I would much rather have a full volume than one key issue.

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