Alternate Storylines in comics that I love part 2 Heroes Reborn

We all know about the Avengers, right?

 Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. In this series, Blade wakes up to find that, the Avengers don’t seem to exist. And it would seem that he is the only person who remembers them at all. 

It is the Squadron Supreme who protects the world. Who are they?

If I’m being honest about it, it’s marvel’s version of the Justice League. This is weird to say because you would think that would be the Avengers. But what I mean is that the characters are based on the main Justice League Members.

From left to right:

We have the equivalent of Batman (Knighthawk), Wonder Woman (Power Princess), Superman (Hyperion), representing all of the lantern corps (Dr. Spectrum), and the Flash (The Blur). In this reality, many of the people who would have been heroes are thrown into the negative zone. So, people like Ghost Rider and the Hulk were never given a chance to prove themselves.

Blade finds himself to be the only vampire left. Most of the galactic villains have been defeated from Knull to Galaticus, all gone.

Powered people in this world are so regulated that Wakanda never revealed its’ existence and prefers space to the rest of the world. Thor is a drunk who was thrown out of Asgard long ago. Peter Parker is never bitten by a radioactive spider. Captain Danvers never becomes Captain Marvel. All mutants were forced to come together.

Many people who would have been heroes through friendship with the Avengers are now villains. We meet our Squadron members and learn their backstories. They are a bit more like the Justice Lords, rather than the Avengers or the Justice League.

The similarity to the Justice Lords is that they are willing to do anything to put a villain down. This is why most of the biggest villains are gone, even the ones that almost whipped out the 616 universes. They think of nothing of killing, except for Knighthawk, because like Batman his morals are similar.

The only reason they aren’t as bad as the Justice Lords is the fact that they leave regular unpowered people alone. They’re destructive but not controlling. They aren’t ruling the world. They are somewhere above what they should do with their powers, but also below heroes deciding to run the world.

It’s bad enough that the Young Squadron(Young Aveners/Teen Titans) realize they are abusing their power. But at the same time they are only teenagers, what can they do?

The world is a safer place for regular unpowered humans, but at what cost?

Oh, and did I mention that Coulson is president of the U.S.?

It is all in Blade’s hands to fix the world.

Ease to read without backstory:4/5 stars

Just knowing about the Avengers is enough. This is a pretty self-contained story that gives you everything you need to know as you read it. And if you want to read more to better understand this world, there are 10 tie-ins stories to give you more depth about this world.

What to Read: Heroes Reborn 1-7, Hereos Return #1, and as many of the tie-ins as you can out of ten. They really do a great job of fleshing out the world.

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