Working on my art: How I encourage myself as a writer.

I’ve had a hard time encouraging myself to write.

There are so many fantasy books out there. So many popular authors, so many really good books coming out at all times. At one time I just stopped, how can I even compare to my favorite authors?

How do I compete with them?

Even though there weren’t any Black fantasy books for me when I was growing up, there is so much more now. Nowhere near the amount needed. But how can a retelling of a fairytale ever compete with Children of Blood and Bone?

But then I realized something.

The only person I should be competing with is me from yesterday. Fighting to be a better person and a better author slowly but surely. And the fact is there is no such thing as too many options. There is room for everyone and their books at the table.

The best analogy is that of the bread aisle. There are so many kinds of bread, so many brands, cooking styles, and flavors. So that everyone can get what they want.Regardless of how specific it may be. Everyone can get the exact thing they want.

The one thing that no other person can ever offer is my perspective and my way of thinking because they’re only one of me.

My adventures in writing a book: Part 2 : Yay I’m rewriting half of everything

Even though I’m writing this right now, and I’ve written the drafts for two new tropes. When it comes to original content for my book, I’ve hit a roadblock.

The beginning chapter is FUEGO. I think it might push anyone to keep reading. And every chapter dealing with my main male character, also fire. He is a fully fleshed-out character with pure motives, and he’s an easily lovable empathetic character.

My female main character, I love her, but she seems boring. I’m working hard to make everyone else love her too. And it’s not going as well as I hoped. I have about eight chapters right now. And I’m unsatisfied with half of them so I have work to do.

I’m worried it’s me, can I not write women. Am I like the mangaka of Naruto, can I not write WOMEN? I’m not sure what to do with her chapters at all.

The problem is, I am having a hard time moving forward or rewriting the chapters. So I guess I’ll play some videos games until I can move forward.

My adventures in writing a book : Part 1: my mind is weird

So yes, I’m writing a book.

The hard part isn’t what you think it is. The hardest part is that the book is continuously running in my head like an unclosed tab on chrome. Along with like five to ten other books I haven’t started writing.

Although I’ve only written like 5-7 chapters. I’ve written about 10,000 words in, and my mind is literally at the end of the story. Not the true ending but the place right before it because I haven’t figured out how to get to the ending. You’re probably thinking, I should outline my story.


So I’m stuck. I probably will be forced to make a skeleton timeline to help me write my story. Currently, I’m making character-charts, and a mini-dictionary of the terminology I will be using. Why a mini-dictionary, it’s a vibrant magical world that I’m creating, and I have a bad memory. For example, knights in my world hold different ranks, and rather than using anything existing. I’ve created a new system with multiple branches and rankings, each fun and unique to the service you offer the king.

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