Comic book series I never expected to love: part 1 -Scooby Apocalypse

So throw away everything you know about these characters and the world you thought you knew, and prepare for a post-apocalyptic event, think more resident evil umbrella corp meets our meddling not-so teenage main characters.
Velma is working as a doctor at a company called The Complex. She genuinely wants to do whatever it takes to save the world and improve mankind, utilizing the Elysium Project.

Shaggy also works for The Complex but as a part of the Smart Dog program. They are training dogs with higher intelligence to be weapons for the government. This is where he meets Scooby-Doo who was their first test subject, he failed. His intelligence only got so far and unlike most of the other dogs in the program he only has the speech of a toddler, but he’s a sweet dog which is also why he failed.

Daphne had an upcoming career as a journalist but decided to leave it for her own cable show called, “Daphe Blake Mysterious Mystery”. It’s a low-funded show and has only one additional cast member, her cameraman Fred.

Velma realizes t.hat something is wrong and calls Daphne and Fred to expose the company. They meet, bump into Shaggy and Scooby-Doo and go to the safe room to discuss what’s going on. Suddenly they are locked in and the nanites are released ahead of schedule.

And it’s going to everything they have to just escape the Complex.

Tropes we need: Black people who are into Science Fiction

Recently I heard a TikToke that really made me … frustrated.

It was about a Black woman recounting when she talked about her parents to a white friend. She talked about how they were rediscovering roots as much as they could, I can’t remember what organization it was but it was obviously a Black one. And then she mentioned how her mom was a Trekkie like she won a Ms.Klingon pageant and the other was a Star Wars fan.

And of course, the obvious question is, how do these people exist in the same house with having totally opposite views on sci-fi. But no, it wasn’t that.

Her response was she didn’t realize that the girl’s parents were white.*

Everything she said about her tracing her roots was instantly thrown out as soon as she mentioned DND and StarTrek.


If we are being honest we don’t really talk about Black people beign into sci-fi you certainly don’t see them being portrayed in shows. Lucas from Stranger Things is the only Black kid I’ve ever seen in a show doing something in relationship to sci-fi or fantasy.

One kid.

And when I was growing up I saw nothing, but I had me. So although I didn’t see any Black people into sci-fi, I was one. I grew up watching StarTrek: TOS, Lost in Space, Quantum Leap, Stargate, Firefly, and so many others. If it was in space, had robots from the future(Sarah Conner Chronicles, I’m looking at you), or dealt with any type of aliens, I was all over it. So if I exist, as a Black sci-fi fan, there’s no reason for me to doubt the existence of other Black sci-fi fans. But what about Black people who aren’t into sci-fi? What’s their relationship to Black people who are into it?

So let’s make stories together.

This first one will be a regular romance scenario, with a man pursuing a woman. She’s really into sci-fi. She goes to conventions, owns every episode of Dr.Who, watches Discovery to lift her spirits up whenever she’s sad. He learns about sci-fi, and also about the many Black people that navigate that space. The longer he dates her, the more interested in sci-fi he gets.


We have a story about a girl who isn’t into sci-fi but finds a show from the nineties/two-thousands and starts watching it, but she can’t find the rest of the show. She goes to Reddit forums and makes loads of friends during her search. Only to find out the tragic fate that happened to most sci-fi shows on public television.


The show is about her growth in sci-fi especially concerning her and Blackness. And her evolving over time into a sci-fi fan.


We have a Black person in a show about a group of Black friends whose into sci-fi and we make it normal. The Star Trek, the Stargate, the Dr.Who references, are integrated into this character’s model, so much so that their friends know sci-fi facts just because of proximity. Maybe we do have an episode where someone tries to define their Blackness and then a strong moment of our Black cast coming together to point out that this person is not the authority on Blackness. And our friends will have a heart-to-heart conversation on concepts like oreo and how it affected their perceptions of Blackness as a child and as an adult.

End Scene.

*I would have a link to the original video, but I can’t find it. And I looked, if you know the creator, you can post it in the comments.

Green Flags for any relationship part 1

A person that can easily apologize and say you are wrong.

Man or woman, it doesn’t matter the ability to apologize is a beautiful thing. The problem with many people is that they’re too proud to admit they are wrong. They’ll offer sex, dates, food, anything but the simple admission that they aren’t always right.

It can be difficult, but a big part of being an adult is the ability to admit when you’re wrong. Though I must admit that many adults are capable of doing it.

That’s why it’s a green flag, a person capable of apologizing is a person who can’t put their pride aside for the health of their relationship. That’s a person worth having. 

A person with the ability to hold each other accountable.

This can also be hard for both genders. But imagine you have something you say you wanted to do. And you declare that you have some steps to make sure you achieve your goal. You can’t be mad when someone holds you to the standard you said you wish to be held to.

But also it’s important to understand that the caveat of accountability is respectfulness and calmness. Rather it’s health-wise or being held up to the standards you set for yourself. How can you be mad at someone you love trying to help you be better in such a loving way.

A person that respects your hobbies.

Hobbies are an integral part of making adult life fun. Yes, you may have to work, have children, and have countless other responsibilities. But you also have those things that bring you happiness from just thinking about them. Maybe it’s basketball, anime, gunpla, video games, comics, or just reading. Regardless of what it is a hobby is, it’s often a big part of being a well-rounded individual.

Imagine you’ve loved something since you were a kid and you meet someone, and they don’t get it but they love that you love your hobby. They appreciate that you have something that makes you happy. They even sometimes will do it with you. They love sharing those experiences with you and learning more about what you love.

And you being that supportive partner that you are, do the same. You support their hobbies and take part in them because that’s just what people do in strong relationships.

Things that you learn as you get older part 2

Sometimes people’s spouses tell you more about them than maybe you wanted to know.

As far statistics go, people are much more likely to marry someone with similar political beliefs, even more so than religious ones. So if your friend marries someone and you hate their politics. There is a strong chance that your friend feels the same way. 

Maybe they aren’t as loud about it, but there’s a very small chance that they utterly disagree about their principal views. For better or worse, who your friends are with is really a look into them as a person. What they will tolerate, what they believe, and even sometimes where they stand politically.

Old people lied, you mature, but your views often stay the same.

I always had older people (not my parents) but random others telling me my opinions, fashions, and ideas about life would change as I got older. 

Just wait, they said, life would show me.

And I waited.

Look at me still playing videos games, going to conventions, still dressing in Black, and holding beliefs very similar to the ones I had when I was younger. I’m just in my thirties and doing more research, and investing way more into my hobbies.s

It’s me.

My favorite covers of my comic collection part 1

I have a lot of comics, a shameful amount actually. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite covers of my collection.

Static Season One #4 2021 [Akira movie variant by Nicolas Draper]

Covers based on movies in my things.

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #1 2021

Holographic for your viewing pleasure.

Ultimate Comics Spider Man #1 2011 [Pichelle 1:30 variant]

It is missing the writing on the cover because I couldn’t

Stray Dogs #2 2021[4th print 28 days later variant]

It’s a variant based off of one of my favorite horror movies what’s not to love.

Black Panther #1 2009 [2nd print variant]

I just thought it was beautiful,honestly.

My favorite finished comic run of 2021

There was a lot of comic series that came out last year. Some of my favorites are still ongoing. But the comic series that I loved most was Heroes Reborn.

Why did I decide to read it?

Easy Blade was the central character, and the concept sounded intriguing.

The concept. Simple.

Blade finds himself stuck in a world in which the Avengers don’t exist, and it is the Squadron Supreme who has always been Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. The world is a much “safer” place. And the only people who do believe that something is wrong with this world and feel something off are the “villains”.

How interesting is the world?

Peter never gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Before Banner learns to control the Hulk, he is put into the Negative Zone. Mephisto is worshipped as a god in this world, the dollars say in Mephisto we trust. Wakanda is thought of as a myth. Space is being heavily regulated. Colson is the president.

What’s unique?

This series is written as if it is the current 616 continuity. One spinoff comic is Hyperion and the Imperial Guard #1, but it isn’t. It’s actually Hyperion and the Imperial Guard #121, the last comic of a series of a comic that came out in 1992.You have letters from fans, notes about where you can find references in comics that don’t exist. Oh and to make it even better at the end of the comic you get a chapter of a comic that’s going to come out later that year. The Summer family is together: Scott, Alex, their father, and a stepmother, as the Starjammers, a thrilling new comic that will be coming out… next.

NEVER, and I’m still mad about it.

Let me give you so more info.

The Peter Parker comic is heartbreaking, and what they do to the Hulk, makes me want to fight Hyperion everyday. Things were so bad that the mutants came together, and not in the unified we have Krakoa way. We get a lot of new versions of the characters, and it’s very similar to the versions we get in Warps World.

The Squadron Supreme

You don’t need to know anything about them coming in. The comic does a great job at fleshing them out to a new audience. The Squadron is Marvel’s Justice League, quite literally.

Am I making new years resolutions???

I know myself if I say that I am doing something as a new years resolution. I’ll just forget about it. A list with no plan doesn’t work for me.

What I’m doing is making a list of all the things that I want to do. Things for my personal life, things for my personal life, and things I want to do for fun.

Now after I’ve written all the things I want to do. I am making a realistic plan for doing these things. You cannot really say that when you never go to a gym that saying that suddenly going to start going three times a day. People do it but let’s be honest. If you want to make a pattern, it’s much better to start small and build up. So that’s what I’m doing is making a realistic timeline for me to do things. I’m not trying to rush it or stress it to be fair.

I’m not even limiting it to the end of the year. What I’m trying to do, is make plans that I can be consistent with keeping. I am making a table with three columns. Things I will do every week, every other week, and every month.

Every weekEvery other weekEvery Month
Read one chapter of a fantasy book.Face mask.Do an outside based activity.
Two lessons of Duolingo.Make a blog post about comics or film.Try out a new recipe.
Make a blog post.Have one chapter written and revised.
A little bit of my list

Here’s a taste of what I’m going working on doing. I’ll keep you updated in a month to see if it actually worked for me.

How to be better Black elders than our elders were Part 1

By not asking Black women if they comb their hair or their hair is “done”.

The state of a Black woman’s hair is sensitive and is honestly no business of anyone but the woman who is growing it. I lose respect for anyone that asks me when I’m going to comb or do my hair. If I am out my hair is done. We already live in a world that tells us by default that our hair is unprofessional. The hardest thing is when it comes internally. 

You don’t get to tell someone that they aren’t taking care of themselves and expect a respectful response. It’s like me asking you did you brush your teeth this morning, but with an added layer of internalized self-hate. Don’t expect anything but me telling you how my hair is done,until you back off.

The older generation has yet to do is realize why they do this. They were brought up with respectability politics of Black hair. To the point where if someone’s hair isn’t “neat” or “presentable ” it isn’t done. They feel they need to tell you to get it done because that’s what they feel is needed for survival. They mean well, but they don’t realize how words leave scars.

Not my generation.

 We are working on breaking that generational curse. We’re done playing hair politics with White people AND older Black people. We’re not cutting our locs for a job. We’re letting our hair grow, we’re letting it curl,we’re perming we’re buying wigs,we’re doing it all and if you have a problem with that. That’s on you.

Apologizing to our kids.

How can we expect our kids and those younger to grow into responsible adults who hold themselves accountable when we don’t. You aren’t just right because you’re a parent, or because you’re older. If your child realizes the biggest people in their lives can make mistakes. Then they won’t feel so bad about making them themselves.

No more: “Oh I got food ready, I have Mcdonald’s money, or let’s go to the store and buy you snacks.” No, we’re showing our kids the kind of person they can be one day. One that holds themselves accountable. And never has so much pride that they can’t apologize.

Stop telling your kids they can’t do white stuff in your house.

Stop saying this to your kids. There is nothing that can separate a kid from their Blackness more than their parents and older Black people in their lives rejecting them because of what they love. Just because you don’t know Black people that do it, doesn’t mean it’s a thing we don’t do.

I as an older weeb, almost always compliment Black kids wearing nerdy shirts, especially when they’re with their parents. Because even if they’ve never met a Black nerdy adult, I need them to know that we are normal and that their hobbies are valid. And I want their parents to see adults that have the same hobbies their kids like. No, it’s not just your kid and their friends. We are Blerds, we are grown, and we are out here. 

You don’t want your kid to move out of your house and be so happy that they finally live in a place where they can enjoy their hobbies without your judgment. 

You don’t need to get it, that ok. You don’t even have to do much to encourage them. Treat their hobbies just like you would things that you’re more familiar with. Just don’t make them feel like an oddball in the only place they should feel comfortable, in their home.

That simple.

Ask them questions, show interest. Maybe watch a K-Drama with your daughter or watch a shonen anime with your son. Nerds love sharing what love with those around them. Do some research, how about taking them to a convention or to a random anime movie showing. 

Oh and leave Black alternative kids alone. You think Black kids should be into rock, just means you don’t know your own history. We created the style and a lot of the subgenres within it. The history of rock has been pretty white-washed. So just take it as your kid taking back their own culture. You should see rock the same way you see jazz. A beautiful style that we created.Regardless of who the forefront people are.

The Black Movies That made me(My DB w/ C) part 1

So as a tribute to the song “Double Burger with Cheese” I want to talk about the Black movies that made me. 

The Last Dragon”

I loved Bruce Lee growing up. He was my childhood idol. I wanted to be just like him. Some of my best memories growing up were watching movies with my uncle. It was the first time I saw a Black lead do martial arts. It sounds crazy but seeing it inspired me. As a kid, I knew we couldn’t afford it, but I knew one day that I would have The Glow.

Seeing Black martial artists such as Taimak and Kareem Abdul Jabar, let me know that Black people could be martial artists too. So today, I tip my hat and my Black belt to the martial artist who inspired me and the movies they did.

“Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored”

Honestly, I don’t remember the whole story of this movie, but one scene from it is burned into my mind. The main character and his grandpa are watching a parade, KKK members are in the parade (this was a thing in the South). And a Klan member stares at his grandfather, looking to intimidate the older gentleman. But his grandpa stands and stares at this man, unbothered. He doesn’t cower or look down. This period in the U.S. was a time in which you very easily could have your house burned down or be lynched for looking at a white person wrong. 

I always want to aspire to that kind of boldness in situations.

City of God

I have to start by saving this film may have been the first film I saw about a Black person that wasn’t in North America or somewhere on the continent. Yeah, we don’t get a lot of outside content, it’s true. I remember thinking about the parallels between Brazil with its treatment of Black people and the U.S. It also cemented something that my U.S. textbooks failed to really get me to understand. That most of those enslaved weren’t brought to the U.S., and sadly the experiences in those countries where they weren’t the majority had histories that mirror each other.

Things you learn as you get older part 1

Some of the people that you were closest to in life, will be strangers in the future.

If you would have told me that I wouldn’t have been lifelong friends with [insert names of people I loved] from high school, I would have laughed at you. I knew we would be friends forever. I knew we would always be close, but college showed me how easy friendship can crumple over things. And maybe you wish that you could fix things, but sometimes you never get that chance.

It’s crazy to think, that one day the people that were the closest to you end up being utter strangers. Doesn’t matter knowing their parents, sharing secrets, or how many years you were friends.

Falling outs are just a part of growing up.

That you should have start saving as soon as you can.

I wasn’t raised to be financially literate. I learned how to manage my credit. But I had no background on how to properly budget or save money. Starting a 401K or a Roth IRA would have been a great thing to do, had I known about them.

Travel is worth every penny, go travel and/or live abroad.

I know this kind of contradicts the last one, but that’s why I said I have no regrets. When you live and travel to multiple countries, you enrich yourself as a person. I learned so much about the world, and the experiences are something I look on fondly to this day.

Learning how to navigate a global world can help you in your career, but the biggest thing is that it often helps to make you a more rounded person.

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