Three things to be realistic about when you start a comic book collection

You may never be able to afford old-school first appearances of silver and gold age characters.

I’m not trying to count your pockets. You could be rich. But for regular investors like me who don’t have hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend on comics. Most key issues with characters we love are expensive. Unless you are a very niche comic book fan. Anyone that’s a well-known and loved character could cost you hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

This is why I advocate buying new keys or recently released ones. You can’t lose when buying comics for $4.

Don’t expect your keys to go up in price immediately. Give five years to a decade, if not longer.

It can take a few years, if not longer, for a comic to appreciate in value. Don’t be a scalper, hold out, that’s how you win. If I am being honest, most of the key issues that I have that are worth money. I bought from people who sold too early. I paid under $50 for the first appearance of Miles Morales. Now it did take probably five years, but the price went up quickly. After a movie and video games, this comic is easily worth more than $500, on the low end.

Understand, you cannot expect an increase like that on every comic. But it’s not odd for you to pay the original $4 and in just a couple of years for it to go up to $30. Sometimes in less than six months. And if it is popular like Miles or Gwen , and is featured in a movie, the price will be on a slow uptick. The trick is, that it’s hard to say what will and won’t be popular.

Some comics will never be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars.

I have a lot of comics, though the majority of my comics and modern and bronze age. I still have a few silver and gold age ones, but most will never be worth much. About 60% of my collection regardless of how old they get, will never be the hundred to thousands that my key issues are. It’s true for most collectors and collections.

The comics I bought when I first started my collection are valuable to me. Even if the market never agrees. Many collections are like this. Not every issue is going to be a key .

 Not every issue will add significant value to your collection. Especially if you enjoy reading your comics. Sometimes I would much rather have a full volume than one key issue.

The real problem with the high value man conversation isn’t what you think is part one: Value

Lately, people are the talk about what a high-value man is. It often has been scaled down to money and things. A high-value man is a career man making a certain kind of income and having a certain amount of things. But there’s a huge gaping problem that no one is talking about within this conversation.

 Let’s say we meet for the first time and are talking. You tell me that you are a high-value man. But you must understand one critical thing. I have no idea what you mean by that.

What, why?

In popular culture, the term is often synonymous with money and things. But what if that’s not what I value? Saying that to someone you don’t know doesn’t make sense, because you don’t know what they value.And they don’t know what you value. The problem starts with assuming that every woman subscribes to the same core of what makes a person valuable.

So let’s give you three examples of women and what they are looking for.

Woman 1

She wants a man, who is handy. She has a degree and wants a man with one. She’s an entrepreneur with a budding business and wants a man who has the same level of passion for his career, he needs to be a business owner too. He can’t have roommates and needs to be already established. She wants to be spoiled because she the kind of woman who caters to her man.

Woman 2

Doesn’t care that much about finances as long as he has a career he’s passionate about. Wants someone whose willing to watch, slice-of-life anime with her and willing to do couple-cosplays together. Must watch anime. Needs someone who’s emotionally intelligent and willing to honestly share his feelings. She also wants a man who she can share her faith with.

Woman 3

Wants to live a sustainable life and that’s really important to her. She’s vegan for health reasons. She’s just trying to be her healthiest. She needs a man who can understand and value that just as much as she does. She needs someone that can enjoy nature, hiking, and the world just as much as she does. She wants someone she can share her spirituality with.

Which of these women is seeking a high-value man? 

Surprise! It’s a trick question because each woman is describing what a high-value man is, TO THEM. We are often quick to assume and put all women in a small box and say what all women want. But we’re talking about priorities, not what makes the list. But what is high on the list.

Woman 2 and 3 three don’t seem realistic to you, really.

You’ve never met women like that before. They don’t sound realistic. Hi, I am Woman 2. I do understand that there are a lot of women that may be like woman 1. But I have a question for you. Do you honestly think all women have the same value system when it comes to men? Beyond the bare minimum: a career, a place to sleep, fidelity, honesty, and financial independence.

[By financial independence I mean paying their own bills. Not rich, not making any certain amount, but taking care of themselves as functioning adults]

The funny thing is Woman 1 was created as the opposite of who I am as a person. I just put together all the things I hear women say that I don’t agree with or find important in a relationship. You may think woman 2 and 3 don’t seem real. But woman 1 is the only one that’s just an amalgamation of ideas, she’s the one I made up. Woman 3 is my best friend. We vary.

And before you go further in arguing with me. Understand it all comes down to this one thing.

Everyone values different things, and we don’t get to tell them what they choose to value. Or what high priority is to them.

You might think valuing a man who likes anime is silly, but I think living a life with someone you can’t enjoy your main hobbies with, is a silly and joyless life. My high value was wanting a best friend because that’s what I found to be the most important in choosing a man. 

Instead of assuming that you’re a catch because you meet arbitrary rules that some person told you were what women wanted. Show her through your actions that you’re a worthy suitor. And that’s a message for everyone. Let your actions show how much value you bring to the table.

Types of comic book collectors part 1: Readers (1/4)

When you start talking about making a comic book collection and investing. It’s easy to forget that some people don’t care about that.

Some people buy comics the same way they buy books, for the pure thrill of a well-written story. They buy comics to read them. They want that new book smells. To them, getting a variant cover is the same as getting a collector edition of a book. It makes your collection look good, but you’re still going to read the book.

Readers care about taking care of their comics, but not in the same way a person who buys for investing does. Investors know that too much handing can easily drop the value of a comic. And when you read a comic more than once it’s very easy to damage it. But readers, read anyway, it’s the experience. It’s turning through each page, getting to the end, and beign super excited for next week. It’s the same way with those who read manga, manhwa, and webtoon.

You may wonder why people who read don’t buy a trade paper. A trade paper (TP) is a collection of comics from a volume(it’s never the whole volume) printed together in one book. There are many reasons why those who love to read do and don’t buy them. For me, the main problem is the wait. You’ll have to wait for the comics to come out and then be printed together. Or you can buy the comics when they come out. Secondly is pricing . I know it might sound strange, but normally a trade paper and buying each comic individually is around the same price. It is crazy because comics appreciate value, but graphic novels depreciate. Lastly is the benefit. Instead of having multiple comics that could easily be lost, you have a neat little book with everything in it. But to me, that benefit doesn’t outway the other two.

Exception: Omnibus.

There is two significant difference between an omnibus and a trade paper. The price and the amount of content. An omnibus will give you the whole volume or every comic surrounding a specific comic event, so it makes sense that it’s normally between $75-150. But unlike a trade paper, an omnibus has so much content that it is worth the price. And unlike trade papers, they tend to hold their value. If you want to read a full volume or comic event this gives you the ability to do all of that while avoiding the comic book market. This is ideal if you want to read old comics or a very big comic book even.

And to be fair if you are wanting to read a full volume or event, this gives you everything without you having to search for each issue individually. Especially if you just want to read to know what happened. This is ideal for old and long comic book arcs.
Being this kind of collector is fun because you never know what story will surprise you. It also drives you to find more independently published labels.

Is this the kind of collector you are?

Don’t get me wrong, I do read my comics. Well, I read the comics that I buy to read. What you have to understand is that most collectors aren’t just one kind of collector, but a mixture of the first three. The only thing that some may not be mixed with is the last of the four.

Is the person ungrateful or are you an inconsiderate person – Baby shower edition

Storytime: So your sibling is going to have a baby shower. They have a list of items they want. They gave free-range but ask everyone not to give baby clothing. But you know what will be cute on your niece. So you buy her the clothes you want.

They thank you for your gift. But you quickly realize that you’ve seen one picture of your niece in the outfit you bought, but you never see it again. So you ask, and they are honest. They sold the clothing you bought.

Does the person who bought the clothing have the right to be mad?

No, they don’t. I know this might sound harsh, but we need to stop giving people things we want for ourselves. And then get mad when they don’t accept it as we would. Yes, if you have a baby you would love someone to give your baby what you received. But they aren’t you.

And now you feel wronged that they sold clothes they specifically said they didn’t want. There was a whole list of things you could have gotten. And if you were unsure, you could have gotten them a gift card or just given them money. But no. You knew what you wanted someone else’s child to wear.

Shouldn’t they be thankful?

Giving a gift is a nice gesture. When it isn’t tied to disrespect. They would have preferred nothing, rather than knowing that you don’t care to respect their wishes.

Let me describe this differently.

Let’s say it’s your birthday and you have a list of things you would like. You ask no one to buy clothes. Your birthday comes around, and I buy you an outfit. You thank me, but you hate it.

 It’s my style, not yours. Yes, I do know our styles are different, but I’m going to buy want I want you to have. You realize that although it’s very expensive, you’ll never wear it. But you love me. We’ve been friends forever. So you invite me to dinner, and you wear this dress you hate for me. Then you sell it.

A year later, I ask you about it. You’re honest, and say you sold it. Would I have the right to be angry after I disregarded your wishes and bought you something that you didn’t want?

I think we all know the answer.

It’s just baby clothes.

No, it’s just you being disrespectful and inconsiderate, and it’s a slippery slope. If I can’t trust you to respect such a simple request, how can I trust you with doing the bigger things? At what point will you draw the line at respecting what I ask of you? Maybe you’ll give my baby candy and soda before I’m ready for them to try that.

 Because it’s just, candy right?

Just clothes, just sugar, just hanging out with a boy? You don’t get to tell someone what’s serious to them. When it comes to their life or their child.

Respecting people and their wishes is how you gain trust. I don’t trust people just because they’re family. I trust those who every day show me they are deserving of the trust I put in them.

Should you subscribe to a series or just collect keys as a beginner collector


Start collecting one series or mini-series that is just starting is the best way for a beginner comic book collector.


When starting a collection, you want to make it fun without stressing about key issues and making money. Especially if you want to read the comics you buy.

What’s the benefit of subscribing to a series?

A collection with every issue is worth more, and you have the added bonus of having the whole story. By getting a full run of a comic book you are almost guaranteed to get at least two key issues, and that’s a low estimate. If you have a pull list for a particular series; you are almost always guaranteed every issue. Which is pivotal when a popular key comes out. Occasionally a key issue will come out and many people will request it, but if you already have an occurring pull for this comic every month, you’ll be the priority. Unless it’s one of the rare occasions of a comic being under-published, but that’s very rare(I’m looking at you BlackMask).

What should I start with now, June 2022?

I would suggest putting in a pre-order for Edge of Spider-Verse and the new Spider-Verse series that will be released later this year.


Because not only is this the end of the Spider-verse, but it is a series that you’re guaranteed to have multiple first appearances, and most Spider-verse characters end up being very popular. And I think it will be a fun read as well.

I would also suggest A.X.E.: Judgement Day (Avengers vs. X-men vs. Eterernals), because it is a pivotal event in the marvel universe, and should be a good read. There’s honestly no telling what might happen in it.

Should I not go for the key then if I’m new?

No, I’m not saying that at all. It just takes a bit more research to figure out what you should get. It’s a hit and a miss sometimes, even for seasoned collectors. So let me give you a few suggestions for some keys that I’m interested in that are coming out soon.

Keys that I’m interested in:

Amazing Spider-Man #900 [ first appearance of Sinister Adaptoid]
Venom #11 [first appearance of Sleeper Agent]
Edge of the Spider-verse #1-3[first appearance of Spider-Rex, Spider-UK, Spider-Laird, Night-Spider, and Hunter-Spider]
Power Rangers Unlimited: Death Rangers #1 (Foil)[first appearance of Death Ranger]

Greenflags in relationships part 7

People who respect your boundaries.

This post will be specifically about the sexual boundaries a person has. When dating people often encounter issues about people’s boundaries with sex.

Some people don’t want to have sex until marriage, some want to wait 90 days, others have a set amount of dates, and others don’t have a set time at all it’s when they feel it’s the “right time”.

The green flag of this is simply respecting a person’s boundary when it comes to their body. You don’t get to say how someone should use their body. A person who respects another’s boundaries is going to do one of two things. 1.) Accept it and continue dating them or 2.) break up with them.

Yes, break up.BECAUSE.

They respect the person too much to ask them to compromise themselves and their boundaries for them. They wouldn’t want someone to have sex with them because a.) they felt pressured into it or b) they want sexuality to be a big part of their relationship and they don’t want to have someone who isn’t ready for that.

But let’s break down the red flag. Isn’t breaking up too extreme?

Not at all. Breaking up is what mature people do when they hit value roadblocks. Some things we can compromise on to form well-balanced relationships. Sometimes we have to draw our line in the sand. I would say your boundaries and values are something you shouldn’t compromise or feel the need to compromise for a relationship. And anyone worth having wouldn’t ask you to.

I have honest questions that you have to ask yourself if you disagree.

Do you think you have the right to try to redefine what a person has decided to do with their body?

Are you ok with your partner feeling like you forced them into having sex before they were ready?

Would you be ok with knowing your partner only had sex with you because they feared they lose you?

Do you think that just because you are dating someone that you are entitled to sex?

Does your monetary contribution to dates entitle you to the other person’s body? Is dating just a transaction of food to sex to you?

Do you think because a person has had sex or a child they don’t have the right to say when they will have sex again?

Many of those questions are based on conversations I’ve had with people and conversations I’ve heard people have. I also need to say that many people aren’t trying to use sex as a weapon, but they want to give themselves to the right person. Especially if they’ve had a rocky dating history. Men love to say for women need to choose better, and for many setting healthy boundaries is a part of seeing if the person’s the right person for them.

The best way to start my comic book collection that appreciates with value PART 1: Current keys

Starting to build a collection of comics that will appreciate in value is a quite specific thing to do. But I have managed to do it for over a decade now and my collection is worth a good chunk of money and I want that for you too.

Tip #1: Start with current keys.

When I say current, I don’t mean modern age, I mean comics that are coming out next Tuesday and Wednesday. The best way to start a comic book collection that will appreciate in value is by knowing what is coming out this year and buying the comics as soon as they come out.

The best practice will be having a pull list at a comic book shop so you can get to comics before they’re sold out.

How do you learn about what’s coming out?

I find out through two apps, Key collector Comics and Comic Geeks. 

Key collector Comics

A screenshot

Key collector comics isn’t free it’s $2 and I can easily say that it easily makes me the $24 a month back rather quickly. Just with two comics.

Comic Geeks

Is an app that tells you every comic that is comic out from all the mainstream publishers every week, including the multiple variants for each cover. The app also allows you to make a collection of all the comics that you have.

Why is this the best route for new collectors?

Because it’s the most cost-effective route. When new comics come out they cost between $4-10. If you get them as pull orders at a comic book shop you don’t have to worry about paying extra money for them because they’re keys.

It doesn’t require research or you knowing anything about what movies and TV shows are coming out or what comics are just growing in popularity. It just requires speed and a little bit of seed money.

Problematic relationship statements: Choose better.

Choose better. Is often a phrase used toward women when they’ve had a bad experience with men. I will explain why this phrase isn’t good advice, isn’t helpful, and is just a strawman argument.

Reason 1: People will lie to date you.

Have you ever pretended to be into something a woman or guy is interested in for them to look at you? I hate to tell you that’s manipulative, but not only that, it’s lying. It’s very common. Many people will fake interest and hobbies in hopes of getting in a relationship with someone.

And you should hope it’s something that small. Many will lie about wanting kids, having children, being married, having a home, and/or having a job. All with the hopes of tricking someone who wouldn’t date them otherwise into getting into a relationship.

And if we’re being honest and if you’re dating someone that you don’t know. It’s easy to be lied to. Especially in the beginning before you get emotionally attached. If you’re seeing someone once a week. You are not to blame if they’re hiding a family, kids, anger issues, or even their employment status?

Reason 2: Sometimes people break up, and both parties are great people.

We always forget that sometimes people choose well, but just aren’t right for each other. Values and wants are just different sometimes and mature adults occasionally decide that breaking up is better than compromise.

Reason 3:You don’t know what you don’t know.

Most people that end up being in abusive relationships, had no clue that the guy/girl was abusive when they started dating. And do you think people that don’t support their children tell you that before you have kids with them?

There are many situations in which, the person honestly couldn’t have known about it till it happened. I know it’s cute to pretend that there are always red flags, but sometimes there aren’t. 

And sometimes they are ones you only can pick up on, once you’ve been in this type of situation before. It’s easy to know you’re being lied to when you’ve had experience being lied to. But some people don’t have experience of going through those situations. Should we blame them for having truthful people in their lives?

 Reason 4: How?

It’s easy to just tell someone to do better. It’s lazy everyone should do better. Real advice would be telling them how to date better. You say I missed red flags. Which ones? How did I miss them? How can I avoid them next time? How could I have known he would neglect his firstborn child? How should I have known he was going to hit me before he started? What are the first signs of an isolating partner? How could I have known he would choose his friends or mother consistently over me, every time?

And if you can’t look at their situation and tell them how they could have avoided it, that means that you could have easily fallen for the same thing. And if you couldn’t have done better, what right do have to tell them to. 

Well, what if they did know they were bad guys. How do you describe those women?

You’re talking about the women who date men who have treated their exes like trash and don’t raise their kids. I don’t always think it’s as simple as these women thinking they are the exception to the rule. Though that may be true in a few of those situations.

Most of this time these women are fed a story about how the ex was less than a woman and some excuse of how the woman is keeping them from their kids. And the woman figures that they are a better woman than that. So if they are a good woman that’ll be enough to change the situation,right? Though it doesn’t work most of the time.

 Also, you have to understand there are men who will treat one woman like trash, leave kids and not support them. Make a new family and be the best father and husband to this new family. And I don’t know how a woman can tell which situation will happen before it happens. 

You don’t think the second one happens.

 Ok, this is a sad fact ,but although we know “King” Richard Williams was just that to Venus and Serena, he had five other kids, who are still very hurt and angry that he left them and their mom.

My advice.

Don’t give advice to just shut people up it doesn’t work. It just makes us talk more about your bad takes.

Your advice to women is don’t date bad men, but for the most part, the women don’t know the men are bad when they first chose them. Your advice should be you telling other men to be better. But men who use this line, don’t actually want to do any work so saying this is easy. 

Holding other men accountable is work.

If you’re a nerd having problem with finding nerdy women part 1 : How you speak

So I keep hearing it every year some nerd/blerd guy complaining how women don’t date nerds. So I thought I would make some post that might give you some insight into why you can’t find your nerdy woman.Here’s the first reason why nerd women may not want to talk to you.

Question 1: When you see a woman wearing fandom merch, do you immediately feel the need to question her?

Storytime: So I’m a Trekkie(Star Trek fan), and I was wearing my second favorite Klingon shirt when I was going into a store. A guy that worked there felt the need to ask me this: 

“Do you know what TV show your shirt is from? “Can you see the issue here?

He didn’t ask what show my shirt was from, because if he was genuinely curious that’s how you ask. He asked me, “did I know where my shirt was from”. The implication is that maybe I was just wearing a shirt of some random show I didn’t watch. 

What if he was trying to start a conversation?

Then he failed. Utterly failed. Nothing will break a conversation more so than a person feeling the need to question my fandoms. I’ve been watching Star Trek as long as I’ve been watching TV. My first TV crush was Spock. I grew up on TOS, and have watched every series since then. Some of them I’ve watched multiple times, just because I love them that much.

Also licensed merchandise is expensive, like $25 for a shirt expensive. And hoodies, let’s not even talk about the extortion prices they charge.

Question 2: Are you asking her what she’s into, or are you trying to figure out if she’s really a fan?

So you see a girl with an anime background on her phone. How would you respond?

 Here’s an example of how someone responded to a woman after seeing her phone screen.

“Did you just start watching anime or somethin’ ‘”?

The problem a lot of women have to deal with this from almost every fandom, unless it’s a female-orientated fandom. Here’s a list of normal (good) interactions and a list of gatekeeping reactions.

Good responses:

(Sees women wearing OP shirt) I love OP. What do you think of the new animation? Who is your favorite character?

What anime is your favorite?

What are you playing? 

Oh, a romance sim, I’ve never played one before. What’s that like to play?

Dude, I really love your screensaver. What other animes are you into?

Wow, that’s a really dope hoody. I love[fill in anime]. Where did you get it from?

I noticed you’re into anime, what’s your favorite genre?

Bad responses that will automatically make women angry

Do you like anime? Name ten that you like besides[names every mainstream shonen anime ]?

Are you “just getting into anime”?”

You probably only watch [insert show]”because you think [HOT side character] is hot”.

What video games do you like? You play Star Dew Valley and the Sims….(visible disappointment). Those don’t count they are not “real” games.

You’re not really into anime if you haven’t watched [insert popular shonen anime].

The best way to think about it.

If you have never said it to another man. Then you probably shouldn’t say it to a woman. If you feel the need to question a woman’s validity in something she is wearing, doing, or saying you may need to ask yourself why. Why do I feel this way? Do I have a problem with women doing nerdy traditionally male activities? Where do these feelings come from? Do I know how to deal with them versus putting them on someone else?

You might feel like you’d like someone to question fandom knowledge, it gives you a chance to prove yourself. But imagine it was all the time, people constantly making you prove that you are just as competent as them.

Simply speaking if your comment could come off as condescending, just don’t say it. If you’re not sure about how you come off, just ask them to tell you about what they love about their fandom. BUT don’t I repeat, don’t question us about our hobbies. There’s not a right or wrong way to do it.

(Some of the things are “” are real things said to me or other women in groups that I’m in. Sad I know.)

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