If you’re having problems with your gaming boyfriend, here’s some thoughts from a girl who games. Part 1: How is it different from TV?

So as a woman who games, I thought maybe I would give my thoughts on the issue. I’ll give a perspective from a person that can stand back and see both sides. Lady’s first.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not talking about men who game up to eight hours during the day or men who are missing family functions and work for games. I’m talking about normal gamers who spend one, two, or maybe even three hours a day gaming, multiple days a week.

Isn’t that a lot of time?

Not really. Think about it this way, two episodes of one show is an hour or two depending on the show. And if we’re being honest, we might even go for more episodes if we have the energy. After a long day at work I can easily go through five episodes of a show I like before going to bed.

That’s normal.

So how is spending the same amount of time playing video games abnormal? If you think about it the same way you think about watching TV, it just makes sense. Doing something that you like to wind down after a long day at work. You could switch out gaming or TV with anything, reading a book, knitting, baking, or any hobby. Anything that you enjoy doing that helps you relax from being gone all day.

BUT you can watch TV together, you say.

You could also game together. But just like you can understand that sometimes you have different tastes in what TV shows is the same way you can have different tastes in hobbies.

I start TV shows that I know my guy will have no interest in, and I watch them alone. I’m not going to bore him with a show he’ll hate, but I’m also not going to deny myself the joy of a show I like. I’m going to spend my personal time enjoying something I find interesting. Keep the same mindset with hobbies. You don’t need to be around each other 24/7. Your guy knows that you are not interested in games. He feels like he should have some personal time to enjoy his hobby the same way you take personal time to enjoy things he’s not interested in.

While he’s playing his game.

Go enjoy that show you know he hates in peace.

My favorite video game endings (no spoilers)


This is probably the most meta ending of any video game I have ever played. The game was a basic RPG, but the ending has always stuck with me. I’ve never played a game that made me feel like a bad person at the end. The developers didn’t have to do the MC like that.

The worse part is they use you to do it, jerks.

Ghost Trick

Once you beat the game, you will feel lied to. It hasn’t lied to you. It’s done from the point of view of an unreliable narrator(s). So you and the character are making the wrong assumptions. It doesn’t matter how good you are at putting things together. This ending is unguessable.

I am replaying the game to see if there are any clues, and there are. But they are subtle, but they are definitely there. Hiding and laughing at you because they know you won’t think about them.

Fire Emblem : Awakening

I can say that both Ghost Trick and Fire Emblem have almost exactly the same ending and villain twist. Which is why I like them both. 


They are like 50% the same ending, with stories that couldn’t be any more different. If you play them, you’ll understand the similarities. I think this game actually feels like you could deduce the ending, unlikely but maybe.

But you probably won’t figure it out either. And that’s what makes the game fun. Because the game literally gives you the answer, but you’ll ignore it.

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

It’s the only game I feel like the villains may weren’t wrong for trying to stop you. Sure they were evil, but at the end of the day, they never lied to you. 

My favorite video game series: Fire Emblem(post awakening)

My main answer will sound like the girliest answer I can ever give, and I’m ok with that.

Romaance and friendship.

Yes, many RPGs have friendships as part of the storylines, but in most games, the closeness of the stories is prewritten. In this series, your gameplay dictates the relationship of your characters. If you play characters side-by-side their friendship grows. You view their budding friendships through conversations. In those conversations, you learn a little more about each character. Every conversation is unique.

The higher the friendship the more benefits you have in battle. A character with an A-level friendship may have an enemy act completely repelled by a close friend. Even if you don’t care about the relationship aspect this gives you a reason to make sure everyone is close to everyone.

Romance in the games is often regulated to otome, visual novels, and farming simulators. It’s rare to find action-based games with romance and marriage aspects to them.

Strategic RPGs and permadeath

This series made me realize that although I love open-world games, there is something about a board that appeals to me. Moving my units around in the most strategic way to outmaneuver my enemy is a rush. All with the knowledge that if a character dies, they’re gone forever. Yes, I restart consistently, because I don’t lose characters.

We all beat the game together, or no one does.

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