Things you shouldn’t expect someone to change for you: The way they dress (for the men)

The first thing you have to ask yourself is, is there a way in which you think people in relationships should dress?

Do you think a woman who is married or dating should dress differently from someone who isn’t? I’m not saying whether one mindset better or not. I’m asking you to be honest with yourself.

Is there a way you wouldn’t want the woman you’re with to dress? Next, I’m asking you to be mindful of this when looking for potential partners.

Next question.

Are you going after women that are dressed the way you want a woman “in a relationship” to be dressed? Or are you going after women who are dressed like you believe “single women” should dress?

And then wanting them to change once they get with you.

The problem.

The biggest problem is unspoken expectations. Yes, to you it makes sense that a woman in a relationship shouldn’t dress a certain way. But the problem is simple. You can never expect someone else to think your normal is normal just because you think it is.

Many people assume that the way most women dress is to get or to attract men. This may be true for some women. But here’s the biggest issue. How do you tell a woman who is wearing a short dress for attention from a woman who loves short dresses, just because?

You can’t.

There are many women out there, who never consider men’s opinions when they get dressed. To be fair, for most women, a woman thinking you have on a cute outfit is worth 20 men telling you you look cute. We just value each other’s opinions a little higher.

What to do then? Easy.

If you want someone who dresses more modestly, find a person who dresses modestly. If you want less modesty and more short clothing. Look for that. You should never get in a relationship expecting someone to change something about themselves to fit you.

Especially with style, because many people attach the way they dress to who they are. People use fashion to express their culture and hobbies, and sometimes to point out particular parts that they like about themselves. Why argue with someone about clothes when you can just get what you want from the start?

And if your argument is that you can’t find anyone who dresses as you want. If you’re saying you KNOW for a fact why women dress a certain way. Maybe you should think about why you have such strong feelings about women’s clothing. Are you really worried about the way she dresses? Or are you truly worried about other men seeing her? Is it just insecurity? The biggest thing you really have to do is ask yourself why your feelings are the way they are.

And why you don’t want someone to come as they are to a relationship.

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