Comic book variants for beginners: Part 4 : Homage Variants

Is exactly what you would think it is. A comic covers that pays homage to a popular form of media It’s normally homage to a very iconic cover.

Homage to other comic book covers

The Killing Joke/Harley Quinn #21 liuy li7,

The Killing Joke is probably one of the most iconic Batman covers and one that is constantly used.

Amazing Fantasy #15/ Amazing Spider-Man #85

Amazing Fantasy #15 is one of Marvel’s most iconic cover’s that has been used constantly with Spider-Man holding a host of different people. The most iconic one has Peter holding Stan Lee.

Amazing Spider-man #300 / Spawn #300

Amazing Spider-Man 300 is one of the most popularly done across the board. Spawn is made by Image but as you can see. A very beautiful homage.

Homage variants can also go far beyond the comic book world.

Static Season 1 #4

This is Static Season #4 Nikolas Draper-Ivey variant cover. It is a homage to animated movie Akira.

Stray Dogs #4

This is Stray Dogs #4 4th print. This was a horror based comic book. So in many of the printings the covers were dedicated to famous horror movies. This one I had to get, because 28 Days Later is one of my favorite horror movies of all time.

Part 3 Ratio Variants

My favorite covers of my comic collection part 1

I have a lot of comics, a shameful amount actually. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite covers of my collection.

Static Season One #4 2021 [Akira movie variant by Nicolas Draper]

Covers based on movies in my things.

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #1 2021

Holographic for your viewing pleasure.

Ultimate Comics Spider Man #1 2011 [Pichelle 1:30 variant]

It is missing the writing on the cover because I couldn’t

Stray Dogs #2 2021[4th print 28 days later variant]

It’s a variant based off of one of my favorite horror movies what’s not to love.

Black Panther #1 2009 [2nd print variant]

I just thought it was beautiful,honestly.

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