My resolve (resolution) table part 3

I am now deciding to call it a resolve table now.

So you’re probably wondering how I did for February… … I don’t feel like I failed. Though I certainly did not do as well as I did in January. But February is my month, so I installed social media back in and would have relaxed if life hadn’t consistently been slapping me in the face.

Things have changed a little, so I decided to redo my table for the needs that I currently have. I’m working on ways to work the things in my table into each other. For example, I want to work on my photography, and I need to water my tree and drink more water.

So I’ve made the decision, that when I water my tree I have to drink double of what he does. Yes, my tree is a he. And once a week when I water him. I’m going to take pictures so I can document his growth.

As far as writing my book goes, that’s been going great, I managed to get 5,000 words last month. As far as blogging you would think, that I hadn’t written anything by my post. Until you look into my drafts, I just couldn’t figure out what direction to go. My thoughts, blackness, anime, comics, relationship tips?

Even I’m not sure and I’ve seriously struggled with my serious post. So what I’m going to do right now is make fun posts, about things I love.

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