Starting anime for those who want wholesome anime part 2: Kimi ni Todoke

Kinda known as From me to You,君に届け.

For the second in this installation in this series. I give you a cute friendship, romantic anime.

We have our main character Sawako. She looks similar to the ghost girl from the horror movie “The Ring”, and is not so affectionally called Sadako by her classmates. She comes off as scary and is rumored to have the ability to see ghosts and to be bad luck. So she’s never had any close friends, but she is very kind.

Almost everyone avoids her except for the most popular guy in her grade Kazehara. He has always been friendly to her. And from his kindness, she starts to make friends, and her whole world starts to change.

Why so wholesome?

Because of the pure-hearted nature of our main character. She’s sweet, naive, and really wants the best for everyone around her(even when they don’t accept her). It’s hard not to like her and to want to cheer her on.

Where can I watch: Crunchyroll,Hulu

Genre Tags: Romance,slice of life

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