Grown Black Joy meet hobbies

I know one of the biggest things in our community is grinding. Doing what needs to be done so that we can live the life that we want to. For us and our future generations. I love how the community is striving to make generation wealth happen for our children.

It is SO beautiful.

But the thing I have to ask you is, what are you doing just for you, that you enjoy? Even if it doesn’t add a dollar to your bank account. Especially if it doesn’t add monetary value to your life. Are you still doing things that are fun and make you happy? It may sound trivial, even childish but when is the last time you as an adult did something just because you enjoyed it?

It is very easy to make work and your business your life. But it isn’t and while you are building a better life, it’s very easy to just work through and not enjoy the present. When was the last time that you valued your interest?

And if you say your interest is money, then when you get it what are you gonna use it for? If the sole reason behind you getting money is just having it. Most people want to get money so they can enjoy their interests fully, so they can live more freely and do all the things they couldn’t because of finances. One day you could definitely make it big if you dedicate yourself to that business. That is the dream, and I’m not telling you not to strive toward your goals, but to prioritize the present as well. Maybe just take fifteen to thirty minutes a week to do something that you love doing, for the sake of your love for it.


So you’re telling me, you don’t have time for fun things. Yeah, I get it, we’re adults some of us have kids, and the day may not have the number of hours we need. I’ve found is that if I purposefully schedule in time for something. I end up doing it. We make time for things we find valuable. And I really want people to find value in their smiles just as they do in the dollar.

Go read that book, try baking that thing, build that Gundam, go live, stream with friends. I don’t know what you like. But you do, so go do that thing that makes you smile.

Because what we forget is that we need balance work shouldn’t be life, and it’s the things we enjoy that make life worth it.

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