Finding Grown Black Joy in Hobbies part 2 : Finding what makes you smile

When I thought about my first post, I realized some people really didn’t get a childhood that gave them a chance to find out what makes them happy. Some of us honestly only know work and the hustle. In between jobs, helping with siblings, there could be a multitude of reasons why you may didn’t have a chance to develop hobbies, so I have suggestions:

Go to a museum or an art exhibit by an artist you aren’t familiar with.

Try some videos games: one RPG, one fighting, and one farming sim ( farming sims are super relaxing).

Try on some anime: watch a few episodes of a shonen, shojo, and a slice of life.

Go to a painting class with your friends.

Dress up and go to a restaurant of a food culture you aren’t familiar with, and then ask the waiter for their suggestion. Trying something new is always fun.

On a sunny day take a journal and go to the park and sketch what you see.

Write down how you feel, add so rhythm, YOU WROTE A POEM! Congrats how does it feel?

Try some card games, something like spades or unstable unicorns.

Many dojo’s/dojangs have the first class for free so try out a martial art, both Taekwondo and Capoeira are super fun.

Go to a pawn shop find a cheap instrument that you always wanted to play. Practice.

Read a comic or start a collection, yeah people still do this.

Read fantasy or historical fiction about Black people. Yes, a lot of modern authors are writing Black historical fiction that doesn’t revolve around racism and pain, it’s great. And seeing magical stories revolving around Black people rather than them not existing is what kid me always looked for.

Find a podcast that teaches you something.

I could go on forever really, but the trick is to learn about yourself. So that you can take care of yourself. And a big part of knowing yourself is knowing things that bring you joy. It could be one thing on this list or all of them.

But knowing is half the battle.

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