The best way to start my comic book collection that appreciates with value PART 1: Current keys

Starting to build a collection of comics that will appreciate in value is a quite specific thing to do. But I have managed to do it for over a decade now and my collection is worth a good chunk of money and I want that for you too.

Tip #1: Start with current keys.

When I say current, I don’t mean modern age, I mean comics that are coming out next Tuesday and Wednesday. The best way to start a comic book collection that will appreciate in value is by knowing what is coming out this year and buying the comics as soon as they come out.

The best practice will be having a pull list at a comic book shop so you can get to comics before they’re sold out.

How do you learn about what’s coming out?

I find out through two apps, Key collector Comics and Comic Geeks. 

Key collector Comics

A screenshot

Key collector comics isn’t free it’s $2 and I can easily say that it easily makes me the $24 a month back rather quickly. Just with two comics.

Comic Geeks

Is an app that tells you every comic that is comic out from all the mainstream publishers every week, including the multiple variants for each cover. The app also allows you to make a collection of all the comics that you have.

Why is this the best route for new collectors?

Because it’s the most cost-effective route. When new comics come out they cost between $4-10. If you get them as pull orders at a comic book shop you don’t have to worry about paying extra money for them because they’re keys.

It doesn’t require research or you knowing anything about what movies and TV shows are coming out or what comics are just growing in popularity. It just requires speed and a little bit of seed money.

Comic book series I never expected to love: part 1 -Scooby Apocalypse

So throw away everything you know about these characters and the world you thought you knew, and prepare for a post-apocalyptic event, think more resident evil umbrella corp meets our meddling not-so teenage main characters.
Velma is working as a doctor at a company called The Complex. She genuinely wants to do whatever it takes to save the world and improve mankind, utilizing the Elysium Project.

Shaggy also works for The Complex but as a part of the Smart Dog program. They are training dogs with higher intelligence to be weapons for the government. This is where he meets Scooby-Doo who was their first test subject, he failed. His intelligence only got so far and unlike most of the other dogs in the program he only has the speech of a toddler, but he’s a sweet dog which is also why he failed.

Daphne had an upcoming career as a journalist but decided to leave it for her own cable show called, “Daphe Blake Mysterious Mystery”. It’s a low-funded show and has only one additional cast member, her cameraman Fred.

Velma realizes t.hat something is wrong and calls Daphne and Fred to expose the company. They meet, bump into Shaggy and Scooby-Doo and go to the safe room to discuss what’s going on. Suddenly they are locked in and the nanites are released ahead of schedule.

And it’s going to everything they have to just escape the Complex.

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