My adventures in writing a book : Part 1: my mind is weird

So yes, I’m writing a book.

The hard part isn’t what you think it is. The hardest part is that the book is continuously running in my head like an unclosed tab on chrome. Along with like five to ten other books I haven’t started writing.

Although I’ve only written like 5-7 chapters. I’ve written about 10,000 words in, and my mind is literally at the end of the story. Not the true ending but the place right before it because I haven’t figured out how to get to the ending. You’re probably thinking, I should outline my story.


So I’m stuck. I probably will be forced to make a skeleton timeline to help me write my story. Currently, I’m making character-charts, and a mini-dictionary of the terminology I will be using. Why a mini-dictionary, it’s a vibrant magical world that I’m creating, and I have a bad memory. For example, knights in my world hold different ranks, and rather than using anything existing. I’ve created a new system with multiple branches and rankings, each fun and unique to the service you offer the king.

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