Starting anime for those who want wholesome anime part 4: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun


Continuing on with our cute wholesome journey with another wholesome romantic anime.

This one is very different than Kimi no Todoke.

Chiyo only wanted to tell Nozaki that she likes him, but instead, she says that she is his fan, and that’s only where the misunderstandings begin.

He invites her over, but to her surprise, he knew about her artistic talent and wanted her help with his Beta’s for his manga. Turns out that he’s a manga artist for a romantic shojo manga that comes out monthly using a pen name. Though most people don’t realize the author is a male high school student.

Most of his classmates don’t know, not because he’s trying to keep it a secret. But because he’s such a blunt awkward guy, no one believed him when he told them the truth.

Through him, she learns more about the manga-making process and the students in the schools that he’s based his. Hijinks ensue as she struggls to tell him how she feels.

Where to watch it:Netflix

Genre: Slice of life, romantic

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