Tropes we need: Black interracial characters

Interracial adoption is when a person is adopted by someone of a different culture than their own.That’s how you get Black interracial characters

Recently after watching Colin in Black in White and watching a LOT of TikToks from Black transracial adoptees(also Asian transracial adoptees). I’ve realized it’s a character we need to go over, and experiences that we need to share. Because the reality is these people exist and tend to have very unique struggles. This is new and as things change new tropes should be created to reach everyone.

Imagine going through microaggressions your whole life, but not having a family that explained that to you. Realizing how different you are from your siblings, although you’re all supposed to be the same. Your parents “don’t see color”, but you can’t put your finger on why people seem to treat you differently.

Hear me out this wouldn’t be that hard to do.



I think a romantic story would do this best. You have a guy raised in suburbia. He grew up in a loving home with parents and siblings. He just doesn’t know anything about his own culture. And he meets this woman, who makes him question himself and everything he thought he knew about himself. She’s very into her culture, and she’s teachers African American history.

All the microaggressions he had experienced and bottled up, are unleashed as he battles with the truth of his life. His denial of how people treat him starts to fade. He learns how to take care of his hair; he even grows it out. She introduces him to her family and friends, and he falls in love with her. Her family loves him, his family has a hard time at first accepting a new healthier him. After calling out a few microaggressions and biases they have, both sides come together for their wedding.

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