Starting anime for those who want wholesome anime part 3: My roommate is a cat


The next on my list of wholesome anime is a very heartwarming story about a boy and a kitten.

Mikazuki is a 23-year-old introvert who DOESN’T want to be around people. He uses a pin name and writes mystery novels. The only people in his life are Yasaka his childhood best friend, and Kawase his editor. Haru is just a kitten. She is trying to take care of herself, and survive in a world that is not the safest place for a kitten.

And on a faithful day, their worlds collide.

Since Mikazuki’s parents died, he has done a good job of not letting anyone get close, but now that he has a kitten in his life. Her presence not only leads more people into his life but even gets him to explore the things of his past.

This anime is one of the few that allows you to see the same scene from the thoughts of both of our main characters.

Where can I watch: Crunchyroll

Genre Tags: Genre Tags: Romance,slice of lifeslice of life

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