Red flags if you’re dating a mama’s boy

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Being a daddy’s girl or a mama’s boy is not a red flag. Having a healthy relationship with your parents is ideal. But certain things are red flags, and I’m going to point them out.

1.) If the mother feels as if her son is the man in her life.

Now I know how this sounds, but this is how some women see their sons. As the main man in their life, and thus if any other woman comes along she feels the need to compete with her. Rather you are a girlfriend or a wife. Constantly making sure the woman knows that she will never be number one.

2.) If growing up the mother only made the daughters do chores, and the son got away with doing nothing.

I know it sucks to say that this man could be a red flag just because of how he was raised, but it is what is. These men will often bring this into their household.

3.) If the mom and/or son believes that she will always be the top woman in his life.

You’ll honestly never win in this scenario because mom will always be the top dog. And even if he doesn’t believe it and she does, she’ll always be an issue. If you don’t mind beign second, that’s fine. But if you don’t want a third voice in every conversation and thing you do, build very very clear boundaries or run.

4.) If a man and his mother want you to take care of him like his mother does.

It may sound sweet in theory, but it’s a little weird if you think about it. Think about how a mom treats their child, and then how a woman treats her man. These are very different kinds of love and actions. A mother nurtures and raises her child so that he can grow up and be a man, that’s what parents are supposed to do. But that’s not what a wife does. You don’t need to raise a grown man, and as his woman and not his mom that’s not your job.

5.) Feels the need to force themselves into situations that will make you uncomfortable and the guy is ok with that.

These are extreme, but some mothers will force themselves into dates, ask about your sex life, and other personal things. The worse case I’ve seen are mothers-in-law that try to force themselves into the delivery room, and I keep hearing these stories. It’s crazy because when you’re going through childbirth you need peace. You need people around you who give you strength, not someone who doesn’t like you. Being in the delivery room is a privilege, not a right.

Anyone who would try to force you to have a person that you don’t like and doesn’t like you into what should be such a happy event doesn’t care about your feelings.

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