Comic Book Variants for beginners. Part 1: Cover Variants

What is a Cover Variant?

It’s a basic alternative cover of a comic, normally done by popular comic book artist.

Is it hard to get?

No, these are some of the easiest variants to get. Just having a pull list at a comic book shop will normally get you one.


You must be quick. If a variant is popular even if you do pull the issue there is a chance you may not get it. Shops are first come first served. If a variant is popular and you just plan on popping into a popular comic book shop to get it…. chances are you won’t.

Can they be expensive?

Not, when they hit the shelves of the comic book shops, unless they are made of card-stock.


The trick about cover variants is depending on the artist and popularity, some covers are expensive before they even come out. If you’re buying them online that is. Which because of scalpers meaning that they will sell out in shops quickly.


Iron Man #12 2021 Rahzzah variant

For the 10th anniversary of Miles Morales, multiple comic-book covers were dedicated to the Ultimate Spider-Man. This cover immediately got popular the moment it came out. It sold out in shops almost instantly even though it’s not a key issue. It’s unique, you will be hard-pressed to find it for under $10.

Moon Knight #7 2022 Rahzzah variant

This issue unlike the other is one I bought because of the price it was selling for online. I noticed that it was already selling online for $15 even before it came out. I’m still unsure of why. Probably because of the similarities to what he will be wearing in the TV show, but even that’s just speculation.


Some comic book shops will upsell the prices of popular cover variants after the comic book is out of print. I have seen the Iron Man #12 featured above for $25 in shops. Normally, the price of out of print comics in shops will sometimes mirror the eBay price.

Part 2 Printing Variants

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