My favorite Black comic book couple from the Big 2

Karen and Mal.

Bumblebee and the Harold.

You may not know about them, but if you remember watching Teen Titans and Young Justice, you’ve seen them. Karen is DC’s first Black-American female superhero, and Mal was around before Black Lightning.

Now, you may be wondering how I can love this couple more than Storm and T’Challa. 

They aren’t even slightly as powerful or as well known. But there’s a simple reason for my love.

They were written to be together, and maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic.

From the moment of their introduction, they were a Black couple, an intentionally written teenage Black couple, who got to grow up together. You may argue that couples being consistently written together in comics is rare. Which I would agree with, but it is done. Marvel purposely created a story about an interracial couple(Cloak and Dagger) who are dependent on each other. But still has yet to purposely create a black couple that starts of and end up being together.

Which is all I really want.

I don’t need a power couple to make me happy.This couple is even acknowledged by a lot of the Black comic-book nerds. Because they aren’t “relevant” characters in the DC universe.

 Which is untrue. They are my favorite couple because they were the first, and dare I say the only consistent Black couple I’ve seen in comics. Long before Marvel choose to put our Kenyan-Ameican weather goddess (Storm’s dad is from Harlem) with our Wakandan King. You had these two Teen Titans, that have been together for almost a half of a century now.

And are still together.

I make this post mainly because when we talk about Black love in comics they are never featured or even acknowledged. Which I think is kind of weird. Considering they’ve been together longer, than every couple on most people’s list 

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