Things that you learn as you get older part 2

Sometimes people’s spouses tell you more about them than maybe you wanted to know.

As far statistics go, people are much more likely to marry someone with similar political beliefs, even more so than religious ones. So if your friend marries someone and you hate their politics. There is a strong chance that your friend feels the same way. 

Maybe they aren’t as loud about it, but there’s a very small chance that they utterly disagree about their principal views. For better or worse, who your friends are with is really a look into them as a person. What they will tolerate, what they believe, and even sometimes where they stand politically.

Old people lied, you mature, but your views often stay the same.

I always had older people (not my parents) but random others telling me my opinions, fashions, and ideas about life would change as I got older. 

Just wait, they said, life would show me.

And I waited.

Look at me still playing videos games, going to conventions, still dressing in Black, and holding beliefs very similar to the ones I had when I was younger. I’m just in my thirties and doing more research, and investing way more into my hobbies.s

It’s me.

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