Finding that Studio Ghibli joy in everyday life Part 2

So I was inspired to give you more things because you can never make life too magical. Only too dull.

Try to cook something you’ve never cooked before, plate it beautifully, and take pictures.

While you’re doing something mundane, make a song about it. Spit bars, have fun, sound ridiculous.

While doing some bit of serious housework start dancing with the people around, or with yourself.

Remember an old video game you once loved. Play it now. See if stands up against your nostalgia.

When it’s dark, go outside and try to chart some constellations. Even though we’re bigger now, it’s still fun.

Instead of eating your meal at a table, take it to your porch or balcony.

Find your favorite comfy outfit. Next, find the most comfortable chair you own, the next thing is the most important of all. Sit for a minimum of ten minutes.
Do nothing, just relax.
It’s super hard, but everyone deserves a moment to just get off their feet.

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