Finding that Studio Ghibli joy in everyday life

If you haven’t watched any movies by Studio Ghibli movies, first I’m going to suggest you get on that. You are missing out on BEAUTIFUL animation. But one of the things that everyone gets out of them is how they make everyday life look beautiful.

The movies make the most mundane things in life seem so utterly beautiful. Just laying down on a hill or simply cooking is elevated to a point of utter wonder and beauty.

So here are some steps on how to make your real-life just as amazing as your favorite movies:

When you decide to cook, put on a song that you cannot hear without dancing.

Go take a step outside, get some sun.

Call somebody you love that you haven’t seen a while.

If you ride the train or the bus, look out the window. Sometimes with everything going on, I forget how pretty my city is.

Make a leave pile, then throw yourself into it. Make a snow angel if your weather allows.

Dress up, no reason just to be cute or dapper.

Take a look at the ground. It’s always fun to see how alive the ground it is.

Take five to ten minutes, and take a walk.

It may seem impossible to make life magical, but it only takes a few minutes a day to make little choices to make even the smallest things memorable and magical.

Life is nothing but a consistent set of choices, so why not make fun ones.

3 thoughts on “Finding that Studio Ghibli joy in everyday life”

  1. My daughter is a huge anime, one time while I was off sick she helped nurse me back to health with warm chicken soup and a marathon of anime. She even attempted to make me some Ghibli food, which always looks so amazing on the shows. My dream is to gift her a trip to Ghibli in Tokyo someday. Thanks for sharing advice on how to find Ghibli joy everyday ❤


    1. Thanks so much.I am also really into anime so I get it. Also I think what she did was super sweet. I’ve been to the museum it’s super amazing, only thing that sucks is you can’t take pictures inside.You should go together, Japan is super amazing.

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